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Royer Farm Fresh Beef, Pork & Lamb
At Royer Farm Fresh Beef, Lamb and Pork our mission is to provide your family with healthy, delicious, naturally-raised meat. Our farm, located in Vermillion County...

Grassfed beef stew meat

Beef grassfed

Lamb grassfed Royer Farm

Pastured pork Royer Farm

Chicken free-range Royer Farm

Beef grassfed Royer Farm

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Why Shop Local



With nearly 30 vendors to choose from, find produce and goods you can’t anywhere else.


Meet your local farmers and makers, who may share tips on how they prepare their products.


Freshly picked, seasonal produce and baked goods are at their peak nutritional value.


Located in the heart of Downtown Terre Haute and close to other local eateries, retail, and campus.


From crafts to entertainment to games, we have activities for all ages to enjoy.


Supporting your neighborhood farmers puts money back into the Terre Haute economy.